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Getting to Know Juvederm in Los Angeles: Basic Info

by shavondaduarte

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Smile lines, crow's feet, and lines around the mouth-- these are just a few of the types of wrinkles that people get as they grow old. For those staying in a city which sets so much weight on visual aspects, a sagging, wrinkled skin can bring about a lowered self-esteem. It's a blessing that there are a variety of non-surgical cosmetic procedures that people can resort to, like trying on Juvederm in Los Angeles.

Juvederm is a cosmetic filler utilized to scale down wrinkling, especially in the face. It is among the more well-known injectables because of its capability to give a smooth look, especially around the mouth area. Although very potent, clients must repeat this solution every six months approximately to maintain a less wrinkled appearance.

This injectable solution is comprised of hyaluronic acid. Discovered by scientists in the early twentieth century, it wasn't applied for cosmetic purposes up until the late nineties. European physicians were the first ones to use it, and it was only in 2006 that it was certified for use in the US. It's considered safe to use because the body soaks up the material after some time.

Much like getting botox in Los Angeles, the solution begins when a licensed specialist injects Juvederm into the patient's trouble area. The compound acts on the existing elastin and collagen in the skin, bringing in more nourishment from cells. Wrinkled spots are smoothened out because hyaluronic acid also helps in the absorption of water. Some studies even imply that the long-term use of Juvederm may defend against the deficiency of collagen as a person grows older.

Some soreness and uneasiness can be predicted in the area where the product is injected. People are very likely to go through discoloration of the skin, which generally goes away within a week. Only in unique cases will there be any soreness or lumps around the skin due to the immune system's reaction to hyaluronic acid.

Greater than for vanity-related intentions, getting aesthetic processes such as Juvederm can help people build their confidence. In other words, injecting Juvederm on an individual can also be seen as injecting self-confidence into an individual. For more data on cosmetic fillers, visit

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