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Popular Des Moines Attractions Like Mini Golf

by nitadigirolamo

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Who said mini golf was just for kids? World mini golf champions are anything but kids, making the sport as full-blown as its bigger and more popular cousin. Surely, golf was designed after gold, but what made people establish a smaller version that was hardly played by the kids when it initially appeared?

Where there's an invention, there's expected to be a smaller variation: bikes, airplanes, vehicles, and even golf. Both golf and mini golf had similar beginnings like what was perhaps the earliest proof of the sport in post-Tang Dynasty China (937 to 975 AD). However, mini golf actually took to the air in the early 1900s from Thistle Dhu to a number of mini golf attractions in Des Moines and all over the United States. Mini golf was made to be a less requiring version of athletic golf.

No shouting "fore" or no power shots needed; an easy, well-placed putt will send out the ball through challenges and into the hole. Mini golf is ideal for non-athletes looking for a leisure activity that does not tire them out. The course can be made any which method: gutters, pyramids, pipelines, loops, windmills, etc.

Mini golf was among the few markets that survived the stock market crash of the 1930s since it was fairly economical to make a course for it. Merely try to find a small plot of land, make barriers out of simple products, set them up, and you're ready to play. Lighting wasn't a problem due to the fact that a bright place to set up the course suffices, even under a billboard.

In the 1980s, miniature golf was included as an aspect of the emerging Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) with good meals and various other fun competitions. Tracks continue to advance, including the education factor in mini golf in Des Moines. An example is the brilliantly designed Route 66 Miniature golf where children discover more about America's iconic roadway as they hit putt.

By having miniature golf, you don't need to be a tiger in order to to stalk the trails for a birdie. For more details on the tale responsible for the game of golf's little sibling, visit and If you're unable to play the sport of golf yet, begin small.

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