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Looking For Some iPad Apps? Here is How to Find More

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We know that finding the applications for your iPad can be hell of a task especially when you do not have that much of time and energy to browse through the app store and keep checking on the features of applications. Actually, you do not have to do it too with innovative iPad app development around. Today there are applications to help you find out personalized app suggestions and we have accumulated five of such apps for you.

1. AppStart for iPad

This application has exclusively been developed for iPad users. With simple layout and navigation features, this app focuses on what you might need. It sorts applications from the massive app store and then categories them on the basis of user and task. Though, it costs $0.99, experts think that it is worth more especially due to the responsiveness and the way it curates apps around. Can it get any simple? We don’t think so.

2. Genius for apps

The engine is recommended by Apple and it would have something really concrete for that kind of recommendation. It is built-in iPad, iPhone and iPod but iPad app development is at another level. You will in love the way this app shows more of what you might like. Furthermore, in shared devices (with children or someone else) the app suggestions would increase drastically. But you also train this system to remove some of things and bring out more of the better apps. As it is built-in, there are no costs.

3. AppShopper

We believe it looks more like shopping portal where you can see all the products but still it is quite attractive especially because of the “Free” tag. You can get it without any cost from iTunes and sort apps depending on sales, price-drop, popularity, wishlist and so on. iPad app development might not be that responsive as in iPhone app but still you can consider it or try it when it is available for free.


App Tap powers this application and works on a clean platform to help what’s going around. App Tap has brought app engine to help you get a little more information on available apps. You can check out how others users and websites have rated certain application. Available for free, we do not think that it makes a bad deal at all.


You can keep a good track of what’s going on in the app world with 148 Apps. It has been named after the iPhone 2’s capacity of holding 148 applications at a time but the latest version runs smoothly on all the devices. Its iPad app development has been sleek and we think it also makes a good deal for no cost at all.

What’s you top app?

Genius for Apps might be a favourite amongst the majority of users but we recommend that you try others too. Be posted to read about some of our other top lists for iPhones, iPads, iPods and other popular gadgets around the world.

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