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India is well known tourist destination which attracts millions of tourist from around the world besides the millions of its own domestic travelers.  It is a destination par excellence for tourism with its diversity in land and culture, its warm and welcoming people and the variety of activities one gets to do in this country while vacationing. In today’s, hectic lifestyle finding time for oneself and one’s family and friends is close to impossible, and therefore the importance of short weekend trips and getaways help in catching up with the family, friends and relax one’s body and mind.

While traveling the biggest concern is finding accommodation and in a place like India where there is high demand for accommodation near tourist destinations year round the task becomes ever so difficult but not if you know your options well enough. BY accommodation the first thing people think about is hotels and resorts but there is another type of accommodation which is perfect for short stays known as Bed & Breakfast. A relatively new experiment in India, which is in its early stage but B&B as they [popularly referred to as are increasingly becoming popular among tourist especially the ones from off shore.

Bed & Breakfast properties are inexpensive, comfortable, and high on service (essential ones) and facilities. Bed & Breakfast properties in India are packaged with great many facilities form hot and cold running water to Wi-Fi connectivity, they provide a kind of personalized services that can’t be found in the hotels. Bed & Breakfasts allow you to understand the people and the locality very well; you get to interact with new people who tell you some very interesting stuff about the local area and its culture. You don’t go to a B&B to avail a room, but to get a taste of the local way of living.

With the onset of online booking portals getting yourself an accommodation in the place you are travelling is as easy as clicking the mouse. Similarly, getting a Bed & Breakfast accommodation in India is that easy, all you need to do is to visit some of the online travel portals that are providing exclusive services relating to Bed & Breakfast in India. These online travel portals such as The Other Home package your tours around the whole experience of being in B&B, so that you get the best of what India has to offer.

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