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Call Investing and Tools for this Stock Investment Strategy

by keithbrown

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Call investing is a type of strategy that can enable you to build income from the stocks you already have in your portfolio. Here’s how it works: You sell options on the stocks you own, which provides downside protection. You earn income if the option expires worthless. It is a low-risk strategy that can create fixed monthly revenue. In fact, over 75% of options are held until expiration and expire worthless. It’s time to cash in on those options.

There are many other reasons why you may want to employ this strategy in your investment master plan. For instance, you might want to hold on to stocks for the long-term for tax or dividend purposes. You believe that the stock value may not appreciate or may drop in the current market environment. In this case, it could be best to write calls against your existing position.

Finding covered calls can be difficult, what with the number of stocks traded on a daily basis. Trusted call screeners can save an investor a lot of time and effort in finding the best covered calls for your investment portfolio. The call screener helps you find the most favorable stocks. You can set it up according to the best calls for to suit your trading strategy.

Barchart’s call screener subscription comes with 13 different call screeners. These include tables for top trading stocks and volume leaders. Also included are stocks that have peaked or reached their all-time lows, and 52-week highs and lows of stocks. Users can look for calls through weekly and monthly options, and select calls by expiration dates. There is also a screener selection for market cap, exchange and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Subscribers can examine the dividend expiration rates and potential earnings, events that will have an impact on the profitability of a call option.

Considered the best screener on the market today, Barchart’s call screener is easy to use. Search for options by stock ticker symbol and you’ll see all the available options with Downside Protection and Returns calculated. Try it out with their 14-day free trial and experience this invaluable tool for your making low-risk earnings. The Barchart screener has two affordable subscription plans- monthly for $9.95 and annually for $99.95. Go for the annual plan and get two free months. Indeed, this is the best tool for investors who want to earn a premium option when an option expires worthless.

About Author :-

Keith Brown is a resident of Madison, Wisconsin. He works in finance and trades or invests in the stock market. Since graduation, Keith has sought out information concerning the stock market and offers advice, as well as information, about the stock market and tips on covered call. He often writes about Barchart to further spread the word about this informative and helpful stock market resource.

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