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The usefulness of riser stand up desk and keyboard stand

by peterbaston681

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Now a day we are unable to do our important work properly without computer. And the technology improved day by day and gives us lots of gift and we are getting more depended on this technology. Each moment we need a help of computer for lots of work. Though it is a time for a laptop but desktop is also running quite smoothly in now day’s market, because maximum official works based on these desktop. So for the desktop the main thing comes to our mind that is monitor which is the screen and with the help of which we see various things. Monitor riser is basically a height adjusting organized tray on that we can put our monitor in a proper position to access properly and get comfort. This thing is very much comfortable as it is help the screen in a proper height so that we can get relief from our back and neck pain. This is such a very helpful thing as it adjusts the monitor to our eye level and help to avoid eye strength. It supports maximum 10kgs.

Stand up workstation is also a very useful thing. It is basically a stand to hold the monitor in standing position. This is very good for our health. Most of the office going people spends their maximum time in front of computer in sitting position which have very bad effect on their health and these may leads to heart disease early death obesity and due to this sitting position the as their spinal cord always bent so spondylitis may be a common problem. This work station also help in proper blood flow and in metabolism, it also help obese people to burn excess calories and hence increase their energy and so these people will find them fit and healthy.

Standing desk is also very similar to the stand up workstation but this desk not only use for to put monitor but also for various purpose like reading writing or working with files in standing position or may be sometimes sitting on a high stool. Around 18th century and 19th century this kind of desk get very well known in homes and offices but at that time it is mostly used to hold monitor. But now the space of using this becomes broad. It is also very helpful as it helps to make our spinal cord straight. But the limitation or drawback of this desk is that this desk cannot set according to the height because it is fixed and it is not carry able as its weight is too heavy.

Keyboard stand is a stand that holds the keyboard in people’s standing position. As it also gives the standing position no doubt it is also helpful for our body especially for our fitness, most of them can hold keyboard up to 400pound. This is very helpful and carry able as most of them can be folded. It is a height adjustment stand so that one can set the stand according to his or her height. This stands are very light.

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