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Save Construction Costs with Structural Insulated Panels

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The concept of developing a better building system has become a reality because of the availability of the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs have become a widely used alternative construction material for homes and other buildings.


The design and construction process with SIPs is straightforward. The architect provides the construction documents to a SIP manufacturer, who converts them into shop drawings, manufactures the panels, and delivers them to the project site. SIP panels consist of a sandwich of two layers of structural board with a layer of foam insulation between.  Being lightweight, they can be easily handled on-site. Using structural insulated panels provides labor savings and reduced construction time.


One of the key feature of SIPs is their inherent strength. These are very effective in a wide variety of applications – building of walls, foundation, floor, or roof. All of these require a high degree of strength and stability. In addition, these panels are able to address the problem that homeowners have to face in the past, which is the lack of energy efficiency. Buildings constructed with insulating panels are draft-free which keeps the things inside warm in the winter and cool during the summer. This energy efficient feature of structure insulated panels is able to help consumers control energy costs.


These panels are the future of building technology and will most likely replace the traditional methods of stick framing or other construction that uses light commercial materials. Considering these properties, it can be concluded that installing SIP panels is a wise choice in industrial and even residential settings.


You can find online about those companies that handle SIP panel design that would meet industry standards. Structural insulated panels from have undergone extensive load testing to ensure that they have the highest standards of quality to be used in exterior as well as shear walls to resist earthquakes and tornados. In fact, the strength and durability of their SIPs has been tested extensively that has proven them for use in areas of the United States which suffer from earthquakes and high winds.

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