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Rug Pads

by JillPeterson

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At Natural Home Rugs, we constantly get asked if clients should get a rug pad for their unfamiliar rugs. Every time we give a resounding YES! When you have put your complicated earned money getting a gorgeous rug for your residence, why not put some money in getting a rug pad, which will help you protecting your rugs along with their surfaces beneath it for long.


You may find people rejecting this plan; however, the fact is you must get rug pads. Besides protecting your rug, rug pads provide myriad other benefits. The rugs regularly help in removing the risk of slipping over the floor. With the rug pads, you could help your rugs to stay at one place for long along with adding the elements of traction, which will never let you, fall down over the floor.


Natural Residence Rugs is famous to provide rug pads, which are even reversible and doesn’t really curl over their edges. You could find two different categories of rug pads that comes tailor made for the users of any kind of rug you have at home. "The category called the Premium Non Slip in rug pad is just superior for the hard surfaces, which reduces the rug from getting shifted. It is heavier than nearly all rug pads and offers extra protection. The other substitute called -Eco Hold Non Slip rug pad could be easily cut into any shape or size so that it could easily fit in your space. Just cut it to the desire shape and slip it underneath the rug. If you want to see other options in these then improved go for the custom made rugs, this will benefit you a lot. Just opt the dimension that you want your rug pad to be and we will hand make it just for you.


The rug pads just need little bit of maintenance and hence it is regularly recommended to dirt free them as and when you think it’s required. Give it a good vacuum and every now and again, wash it with soap and water. If a spill does occur on the rug pads for hardwood floors, clean it up as soon as possible. But before doing so, your rug pad has to be uncontaminated then only you get the best results.


Like with our rugs, we offer free shipping and same day shipping. If you don't like your rug pad you can return it within 30-days for a money back guarantee. Unfortunately at this juncture, the corporation is unable to return the custom made rug pads for obvious reasons. Don't forget to check the size and dimensions as per your room requirements so that you simply avoid things like return or replacement. All sales are final.

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