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Develop Vibrant Web Apps with Dot NET

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The constant changes in the lifestyle and choices of modern users have made web app development a daunting challenge. Along with beating the apps launched by your competitors, you also have to target the large number of users who access the web on their mobile devices. That is why; many developers are making enterprise-class apps using the unified Web development model provided by ASP.NET.

If you have prior experience in developing website using Active Server Pages (ASP), you can easily migrate to ASP.NET, as the syntaxes are compatible with each other. But ASP.NET offers a number of additional advantages including improved performance, enhanced reliability, easy deployment and scalability.

Also, Microsoft has designed ASP.NET to work seamlessly with the “What You See is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) HTML editors, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and other programming tools. So you can easily write the codes, and compile the application in the .NET-based environment. At the same time, you have option to choose from several .NET compatible languages including C#, Visual Basic.NET, and Jscript. The web application can further avail some of the significant benefits of .NET framework.

Why Develop Web Apps with ASP .NET development services?

Easy Deployment: You can use ASP.NET to deploy an entire web app simply by copying it to server. The configure settings stored within the app as an XML file also make it easier for you to make the required changes. Further, you can easily update the complied components without restarting the web server. The changes will be automatically detected by ASP.NET, and it will start using the updated coding. ASP.NET also allows developers to easily migrate from classic ASP application. As both apps can run side by side, you can still use most of your existing components.

Increased Reliability: Often the performance of a web app is impacted by memory leaks, server crash and deadlocks. Microsoft has designed ASP.NET with specific features to easily identify and recover from several types of errors. So your web app will be available to the users without any interruptions. For instance, in case of memory leakage, ASP.NET will automatically start and run a copy of the worker process. All the pending requests will be processed successfully without any delay or disturbance.

Improved Performance: In comparison to traditional web development techniques, ASP.NET is much faster and more efficient. As ASP.NET can automatically detect the changes and updates, the files are compiled dynamically. Also, the stores compiled results can be reused to meet the subsequent use requests. This feature makes it easier for developers to keep their web app up to date, while saving the results in memory.

Advanced Development Models: Many develop find it challenging to develop a web app to target different types of users. ASP.NET uses XML web services to enable you apps to communicate and share data over the web. So a user can access the web app, regardless of the programming language and operating system. At the same time, you can use the ASP.NET mobile control to target the users accessing internet on their mobile and handheld devices. Once you write the code, the mobile controls will automatically generate customized pages to suit the user’s device and operating system.

Innovative Web Apps You can Design Using ASP.NET

Translator Service: You can use the HttpClient class to call the Microsoft Translator service. The API needs an OAuth token that is obtained by the web app by sending a request to the Azure token serve. Based on individual requests, the results from the token server will be fed into the translation service. If you have got the application key from Azure Marketplace, the HttpClient class can be used to develop an online translator app.

Accessing Google Maps as a Local File: Many users want to gather information and access files without incurring any additional data charges. You can easily download the Google maps to your local drives, and save it as a local file. The file downloaded from the web will open on your default image viewers without requiring any internet connectivity.

Making a Twitter Client: You can develop a simple twitter client by using the HttpClient class. The OAuth authentication information can be inserted into the outgoing HttpRequestMessage through the HttpMessageHandler. The web app will use JSON.NET to read the results received from Twitter. However, you have to use the application key obtained from Twitter, along with providing relevant information to the OAuthMessageHandler sample class.

Microsoft is constantly upgrading ASP.NET to make it more popular among the web application developers. Some of the advanced features offered by ASP.NET also make it easier for developers to make vibrant web apps to target all types of users.

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