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how to build ideal body

by anonymous

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It is certain that a good body shape so it is a dream for every person. Ideal body which was when the height was proportional to body weight. But to have the forms so it is quite difficult for some people. May have detracted from day to day lifestyle so as to affairs of the body shape and health & less we keep our attention.

Both the thin and fat people are increasingly rising only numbers. Skinny and fat is not ideal. Fat people prone to various diseases.

OK, Here are few tips to build an ideal body shape:

How to Create Ideal Body shape

1. Nutritious diet

Let us consider the body shape - japan and china men, mean - mean they have a body shape that is ideal, what you want to know the secret? it turns out that the secret is in the foods they consume daily. They prefer to eat fish and vegetables rather than eating meat. Compare if in Indonesia, usually in 1 portion of our diet comprised of 80% rice. Rice is a high-calorie foods, high in carbs so if you live in the human body can accumulate into fat. Especially if beef, we hooked up right? therefore choose to eat fish rather than meat.

2. Reduce consumption of fat

Did you know that fat is a component which is needed by the body, but the number is very high that can make your body fat and weight gain. the highest source of fat comes from meat. Beside that also quite difficult to digest fats by the body. Meat alternative is seafood such as fish, shrimp, and crabs. Seafood is also shown to contain high protein. So, once again choose fish instead of meat.

3. Diligent Fasting

fasting is the right choice for that diet. Fasting can burn most of the fat is in the body. This is because when the fasting energy reserves in the body so that the fat is taken from the existing amount of fat in the body can be reduced by itself. Although at this point no longer the month of Ramadan, but there are some fasting which is recommended by Islamic religious teachings such as fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

4. Sports Walk
Once again let us look at Japanese culture in the country. Although Japan is a producer of cars, motorcycles, their people prefer to walk. Walking also can make a ideal body you know. Unlike the case with us in our country. Especially the bike, make jam road course and not only that pollution is also increasingly large. Walking is a moderate exercise which provide many benefits for our health. Walking also can burn fat which contained in the abdomen, legs and thighs.

Thus some How To Create Ideal Body, hopefully the above tips useful for readers and visit my blog: old school new body reviews

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