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Decorate Your Bathroom without an Interior Designer

by anonymous

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Overview on Home Decor

When decorating your humble abode, it's easy to be overcome by excitement, anxiety, and sometimes, confusion. With the use of jar candles, furniture, curtains, and other products, you can accomplish an exquisite do-it-yourself interior design job.

Decorating Your Bathroom

Most people emphasize the importance of designing their living room, kitchen, etc. The aforementioned rooms are exceedingly important, considering that they are the first rooms house guests see when they walk in. However, the bathroom should also be a pleasant, aesthetically appealing place.

There are six particular aspects of bathroom design that you should emphasize. They are lighting, horizontal surfaces, mirrors, walls, and decor. However, let's begin with the basics. Your mirrors should always be polished to perfection, and impeccably clean. You'd be surprised by the dampening effect that dirty, foggy mirrors will have on the overall appeal of your bathroom.

The next important aspect of bathroom decor is that of jar candles. You don’t have to use jar candles specifically, but they're great because you don't have to place them on a surface when burning them. There are many innovative things you can do with jar candles. For example, you can arrange jar candles with other types of candles into a centerpiece, and place them in front of your vanity mirror. Furthermore, you can align jar candles in a unique design along the ledge of your bathtub, which always produces a beautiful effect.

However, you shouldn't limit yourself to placing candles only on the vanity, or the bath ledges. You can place them on a tall pillar, or any other tall surface. Furthermore, you can even forgo the use of jar candles and float small, flat candles in a crystal bowl of water. This can generate a stunning, exotic effect for your bathroom.

To further amplify the appeal of your bathroom, arrange a decorative array of color coded towels of varying sizes.

The paint job in your bathroom is irrefutably one of the most important aspects of the decor itself. Whether you choose conventional paint, textured paint, or even if you include borders, this can greatly enhance the overall ambience. Look for the appropriate color swatches, based on the mood you want to emanate in your bathroom.

Don't be afraid to install a subtle blend of artistry into your bathroom. The right painting can completely illuminate the room of it is placed properly.

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