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Significance of strong math foundation

by anonymous

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Mathematics is a branch of study which deals with logic, deductions, decision making, assumptions, clearness of thought and the ability to solve problems in a promised manner by following a set of steps. Mathematic is a vital subject not only for getting academic qualification whether at school level or college level, but also a subject that prepares for the future as well, regardless which walk of life one may need to be part.

Math plays a particularly significant role in real life. Foundation of math has to be strong if a child has to succeed, and if math is not strong, the child can experience a lot of problems in school and also afterwards. Students with poor basic math skills may find the subject extremely complicated and difficult to understand resulting in poor grades. This further result into math anxiety and most common characteristic are that student’s experience anxiety in the traditional classroom. Therefore, requires a systematic approach.

In day to day activities of life, basic math plays a prominent role, like, reading, time on a watch, changing calendar dates, checking the mileage of the car, attending to a roll call in the school, preparing a recipe in the kitchen. Thus the list is endless. The common man realizes the importance of mathematics whenever he visits railways, post offices, insurance companies, shopping malls, banks or deals with transport, import and exports, trade and commerce, business transactions.

In addition facts, there are numerous areas where math can help take the example of industry related to finance, budget has to be balanced, provided all the calculations done in order to save money, pay bills, therefore, is no exemption from these tasks. Thus, one has to perform all the tasks. Hence, all the subjects linked with math like chemistry, physics, statistics, and even biology. In designing and architecture, mathematics plays an essential role. It can be used in many types of business like office, banking, and workplaces. All the financial aspects related to any business deals with mathematical aspects. In various companies, Auditors use Math Facts for all the calculation and all the key decisions of the company derived through the math concept constructed on the results. Mathematics is “also” related to recreational activities; also; video games, puzzles, riddles computers and the list keep on going.

As a consequence, mathematics is the backbone of the material civilization. Therefore, math affects every single part of daily lives, every day. To sum up, depending upon needs and requirements, use of mathematics is universal.

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