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The ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, Shimla is the crown jewel of Indian tourism and is one of the widely traveled destinations in India. Situated in the Mid-Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the most romantic and tourist friendly destinations in India with something to offer to all forms of tourists. Such was the beauty of the place that even the British were captivated by its sheer beauty and splendor and decided to make it its ‘Summer Capital’ during their rule in the country. Since its declaration as a state capital in 1972, it has transformed itself into a full-fledged city with great entrepreneurial potential while keeping its status as a tourist destination intact.

In the hot summers of the Indian plains, people prefer to visit cooler places up north during their vacations and the first place that pops-up in their mind is Shimla, as it offers a lot to tourist of all ages and types from the individual to the family, from the adventurer to the backpacker. Shimla is one of the finest examples of urban forests with exotic species of plantation which enrich the sights and scenes of the city even more. The city a legacy of the British Raj, still hold the aura and the architecture of that age, which is one of the high points of being in Shimla. As a tourist you will be enchanted by its sheer beauty, the landscape offered by the Himalayas, the people, its temples, and its street-styled shopping mall.

An enchanting vacation in Shimla is on the list of every traveler in the country, but traveling today is now shifting from the traditional form of going to a destination, booking a hotel, indulging in some sight-seeing and coming back. Now there are options like Holiday Homes which give you the feel of a home away from home, you have your freedom, luxury all in one place with no one to interfere plus it allows you to know the place even better adding to the whole experience of travelling to Shimla. Holiday Homes have helped tourist travelling to Shimla experience the culture of the place better and discover places of interest which were earlier not known. There are numerous Holiday Homes in Shimla offering exceptional services to their guests in every respect, so all you need to do is pack your bags and get going to Shimla.

The Option of a Holiday Home in Shimla has changed the way people travel to the city allowing for greater understanding of the local Gorkha community, the nearby tourist attractions such as Kufri, Solan which are excellent for skiing activities. Shimla is truly one of the best destinations to relax in and spend time with oneself and the nature in India. An enchanting vacation at a Holiday Home in Shimla is just the thing you need to get out of the boring routine of life.

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