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The medical use of the kinesiology tape

by Harryjacky

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Kinesiology tapes have become very popular in sports circles for the management of muscle injuries. They have been used for a long time by generations of sportsmen and women to help them control and manage injuries in their muscles.

These operate on the basis of lifting the skin through the weave patterns on the adhesive tapes which provide support and ease the pressure on the pain receptors. The tapes also help in controlling and directing the movement of the muscle sheets underneath the tape to achieve the desired levels of functioning for the muscles.

Since the discovery of the kinesiology tape by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, the tapes have gained global acceptance and there are now many companies all over the world which specialize in making different forms of the tapes. The tapes provide a cheap and effective way of managing muscle injury. For more information on kinesiology tapes and other medical supplies visit

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