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Four Wood-Damaging Pests That You Need to Look Out for

by lucilelynch

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Lots of folks decide to construct beautiful homes in Orange County California because of its good weather and its mall, outstanding restaurants, and beautiful beaches. Having a wonderful home however, can easily be destroyed by many structure-damaging bugs that may be discovered just all around your home. Do not be self-assured. Check for signs of the following wood-damaging insects and call up contractors for termite control in Orange County as soon as possible.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants bore deep into decaying and damp wood to create their nests. They normally come out during the night to find food so you won't really detect them right away until they've built a home in your wooden structures. Find piles of frass--a mixture of ant fecal matter and wood shavings. If you can hear rustling noise over it, you might have stumbled into a nest.

Powderpost Beetles

These bugs penetrate wood where they will hide and feed their larvae. If given adequate time, these beetles can wipe out woodwork into a powdery mess, thus the name. Like carpenter ants, these excrete frass but with powdery deposits. You can also determine that a powderpost is in your wooden panels if you see little, pinhead-sized but completely round openings. Inspect your home between May to August, when their life cycle is at its peak.


Subterranean termites make most infestation cases in North America. Use a screwdriver to poke your wooden frameworks. If the tip gets inside with minimal effort, or if you hear a distinct hollow sound, you might have a termite infestation. Look for brown, gritty, film-like substances on the ground near the affected areas to confirm termite presence.

Carpenter Bees

While most bees prefer to build their own hives in high areas, carpenter bees survive through wood. They drill holes about two inches in diameter to lay eggs and make tunnels. They are likely to do this around your eaves, sidings and decks, so watch out for these gaps or the bees themselves.

If you do discover any of these indicators, be sure to have trustworthy professionals on pest control in Orange County check out your place to verify which of these parasites are present and which treatment to apply. An efficient pest control solution can safeguard your loved ones from conditions these critters bring. Check out more information on uncovering pest invasions at

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