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Causes for Common Pest Outbreak and How to Control Them Effe

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Most people equate pests with insects, however pests are not limited to insects, they also include bacteria, mildew, viruses, weeds, bed bugs etc. Pest control technicians Monmouth county and in other parts of the world eliminates pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, termites and ants. They travel to customer locations and treat both indoor and outdoor sites with chemicals. In this article let us discuss the causes of outbreak of certain specific pests and the pest control methods adopted in Monmouth county and elsewhere.

1. Cockroach

Many people believe cockroaches live in older homes, but that is not true. Any dwelling could become a home of these household pests. If cockroaches are already in your home, then it is possible to eliminate them.

Pest Control measure: Some of the pest control measures to eliminate cockroach are to call an exterminator and arrange for monthly pest control treatments. Some homeowners also use ‘boric acid’, by combining the acid with flour and water and leave it for the roaches to feed. The cockroaches consume the boric acid and die within a short period of time.

2. Bed Bugs

Being bitten by a bed bug can cause rashes, infections and in rare case psychological problems. While some believe that bed bugs can be eliminated with foggers or bug bombs, this is not an ideal solution.

Pest control measure: Once an infestation has been confirmed, bed bug control begins with thoroughly vacuuming the areas affected and spraying alcohol on the bugs, which kills them instantly. The furniture should be vacuumed and all bedding and clothing should be washed in water with a minimum temperature of 48 degrees celsisus.

3. Termites

Termites are small pale insects that create colonies inside the wood and destroy the structure. Termites also attract raw ink pads and ball point pens. They prefer wood damaged water, also called as dry rot.

Pest control measure: Pest control technicians in Monmouth county and in other parts of the world need years of experience and specialized equipment for eliminating termites. Although fumigation is used to control the termites, it is not effective in eliminating termites completely. A chemical called Fipronil is used for termite control. Fipronil is specially designed by biochemists to disrupt the central nervous system of termites that come in contact with the chemical.

4. Rats

Rats are very destructive pets present in urban and suburban homes. They contaminate food and damage homes by gnawing and burrowing. You can see the damage caused by rats to your home when you see gnawing and burrows in the exteriors of your home.

Pest control measure: A rat exterminator can control the menace of rats in your home or office. These pest control specialists from Monmouth county inspect a structure and make several recommendations, which include use of rat poison and rat traps.

In addition to conducting exterminations, pest control specialists in Monmouth county and in other parts of the world also look for signs of pest outbreak and recommend various measures to deal with existing pets or to prevent future infestations.

Our pest control specialists in Monmouth County ( ) are available 24/7 for emergency services. Our mission is to see problems and issues through your eyes. As such, we serve your specific needs for today and into the future. To know more about tenants’ rights to pest control, visit

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