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Tips to Select Your ePUB Converter

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Are you and author or publisher interested in converting your book or published document to ePUB? With the growing technological trends of today, ePUB is quickly becoming the preferred industry standard supported by a growing list of publishers, e-book stores, and developers. Amidst all these technological developments,it can be overwhelming to try and figure out the best approach to create a pdf to ePUB conversion or a Word to ePUB conversion. Follow these five simple steps to choose the best ePUB converter for your specific needs.

Step One: Make sure that you are partnering with a reputable company. Whether you are a book publisher or individual author, it is extremely important to choose a legitimate and well-established ePUB converter! Choosing the right ePUB converter for your pdf to ePUB conversion or Word to ePUB conversion can make all the difference in problems regarding publication and distribution. Check testimonials, third-party websites and your chosen ePUB converter’s website for credentials.

Step Two: Make sure your chosen ePUB converter is based in the United States. It is extremely risky to conduct business with an ePUB converter overseas. This can open the gate for privacy breaches in your publication business. Avoid this by checking the ePUB conversion service website for a US address and phone number. Avoid websites that provide only a PO box address or Skype id in place of a phone number. Finally, you can ask for w-9 form.

Step Three: Make sure the customer service hours work for you An easy way to ensure this is by asking the vendor their customer support hours or by checking the website. The last thing you want is a vendor that you can’t reach. Ensure that you have a good phone connection and receive timely responses after an e-mail, voice mail, or fax. This is another way the check that your vendor is not outside the US.Make sure that you can talk to a real person who can help you address your concerns!

Step Four: Make sure the vendor offers your specific conversion requirements. Be aware of the specific ePUB conversion service you require and check that the vendor offers this. For example, some conversion service providers may offer either pdf to ePUB conversion or Word to ePUB conversion, but not both. Double check this. Additionally, not all vendors have all the readers like iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook Color and others. Be sure that your chosen ePUB converter supports all types of readers that you desire.

Step Five: Make sure the testimonials are real! They’re easy to fake. Companies will make anything up to try and get your buck. In order to verify if a testimonial is genuine, simply ask to see few pages of the converted book for the publisher who gave testimonials. If the vendor refuses, you will know why.

Follow these five steps and find the ePUB converter that’s right for you!

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