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Hot Toys Christmas 2013: Skylanders Swap Force Toys

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We can almost guarantee that Skylanders Swap Force toys will be one of the hot toys for Christmas 2013. Chances are if you are a Skylanders fan, Activision doesn't have to convince you to buy more Skylanders toys. As good as the games were, many people felt the actual game play was a bit lacking. However hopefully that is all about to change with the new game called Skylanders Swap Force. Activision is touting the new Swapability feature of the toys as original as the original concept that powered the game. The game is going support 16 brand new characters that have both swappable tops and bottoms. Activision claims that this allows over 250 different ways to combine the toys. 

The team over at Activision has taken a lot of time to create the original concept of the game but now they are ready to mix it up a bit with swapability. Kids can now swap the top and bottom of the characters to create an entirely new character. By swapping the different parts each new character is given a new set of powers and abilities. With so many different combinations, kids will have a ball creating the new characters. The Skylanders’ concept was built on innovation and it great to see that Activision continues to push the concept in entirely new directions. The whole idea behind this new innovation is to give kids the freedom to customize their characters. 

The new game is going to have a brand new story that takes place in the mystical Cloudbreak Islands. On this island there is a volcano that is said to erupt every 100 years. As you can guess a few of the Skylanders were trapped when the volcano erupted, splitting them apart as they landed back on the soil. All of sudden they realized that they had a brand new power that allowed them to swap parts. That is how this team of Skylanders got the name Swap Force. 

The evil Kaos is back so it’s up to you to save the planet Cloudbreak from his evil grip with the help of the Swap Force Skylanders. 

Let the collecting begin. There are 16 brand new Swap Force characters. In addition, there are 16 brand new Skylanders to collect. 16 of your favorite characters will be returning from previous games. There are also 8 brand new LightCore figures to collect. The game is also supposed to be compatible with the toys from the previous games. 

As good as the previous games were, many people felt the graphics left a lot to be desired. The original game was actually built for the Wii and didn’t take advantage of high resolution graphics. That is all about to change. The team at Vicarious Vision has designed a brand new engine that supports high definition graphics. The game now looks like an animated cartoon in motion. The graphics are crisp and support excellent details. In the brief presentation video, we also saw that the characters can finally jump. It looks like Skylanders Swap Force is going to take the franchise to an entirely new level of fun and innovation. We expect Skylanders Swap Force toys be some of the hot toys for Christmas 2013. 

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