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All about Fireplace Screens

by milliene3

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If you want to add style and elegance to your fireplace, you can add fireplace screens. They not only ensure safety but also add decor to your rooms. You will find wide variety of fireplace screens in different designs available from the market. There are mainly two types of fireplace screens namely decorative and functional.

Decorative Fireplace Screens

These screens have no functional value and are only used for decoration purposes. They help to make your rooms look more attractive and beautiful. They are only used, when fireplace is not working. They are manufactured using various materials. They usually use brass, wood, iron and decorative glass for their manufacturing. One of the oldest decorative fireplace screens are wood screens. They are used for centuries and can be only utilized when fireplace is not in use.

Functional fireplace screens

Functional fireplace screens are both decorative and functional. Hence, they tend to deliver benefits of being attractive as well as useful. They help to prevent sparks from fire to fly out to the nearby objects. If your carpet or objects catch fire through these small sparks, it can seriously damage your property. To ensure safety of residents and your property, it’s crucial to use functional fireplace screens. They are readily available in different designs, shapes and sizes. You can choose any size of these screens to suit according to your needs. They are manufactured using fire resistant materials like copper, brass, iron and glass. Fire place screens are equally durable and reliable for fireplaces.

If you are opting for decorative fireplace screen, then it will only have limited usage when fireplace is not in use. However, functional fireplace screens enable you to use them at all times. No matter if the fireplace is in use of not, you can use those screens. Especially, if you are using wood-burning fireplace then fireplace screens are critically important. As burning of wood produces ash and smoke, which if not directed properly can serious health damage. Fireplace screens ensure that sparks don't come out of the burning wood, thus ensuring safety of your friends and family.

If you are good on the budget, you can rather buy both decorative and functional fireplace screens. The decorative ones can be used in off seasons while the functional can be used when you are actually using the fireplace. In addition to fireplace screens, you can also buy other necessary accessories for your fireplace to add style and elegance to your living rooms.

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