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Use Your Lighting Control Software To Operate Your System Sa

by xkglow

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One of the most interesting parts of an automobile lighting control system is the ability to use a light control app to change the look of the LEDs from your iPhone ipad, ipod and smartphone, including all iOS devices. This can give your car many good looks, and allows you to change these looks according to the situation. If you are at a party, maybe you would like to change the color scheme to red and let the lights pulse with the music. On the other hand, if you are cruising, then maybe you want a more eye-catching effect like a rhythmic white strobe. Or, you could just be displaying the parked car with a subtle electric blue glow emanating throughout the interior and from the undercarriage of your car. However, whichever look you decide to go for, it is always a good idea to follow a few simple ideas to make safety first.


One of the first ways to use your lighting control software safely is to treat the app as you would any phone texting system. In other words, do not use it if you are driving. The app is exciting, fun, and as far as safety is concerned, distracting. Using it while driving can easily take your attention away from the road. Another reason is that it is easy when driving to make a change to the LED illumination that could take your attention away from the road or to distract other drivers. For this reason, even regular passengers should not really make changes to the lighting when the vehicle is in motion. It is too hard to see what is going on outside the car when you do so. For this reason, it is best to use the light control app when the car is stopped and you are outside and can see what is going on.


A second way to operate your lighting control software safely is to make sure that you do not have a configuration that causes issues. For instance, even if you only have a very subtle glow for your car, that can be enough to attract unwanted attention from a thief if you step away momentarily. Some may be jealous of your car because it looks so good, and vandalize it if you are not watching.


It is also never a good idea to illuminate the interior of the car when you are driving it, for the same reason you do not use the map lights when you are driving. It washes out the driver's panel and reduces visibility outside the car.


Following these tips can help you enjoy your lighting system in a safe way for all.



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