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Online and correspondence courses help to study Islamic

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A lot of institutions are being set up across the world to focus on developing visionary Muslims through Quran education. These institutes are non-profit organs which are based in different continents. There is a notable Quran academy in Mississauga in Canada which is one of the finest of these schools. This school was founded in 2004 and has provided exceptional services in various Islamic studies. These academies focus on serving the increasing number of Muslims in the outside world. These schools generally focus their teachings on the youth, the Tarbiyah and the Da’wah.

Goals of a Quran academy

  1. The primary objectives of a Quran academy are to prepare a growing generation who is an established expert in their options and the sensible and responsible Muslim community, who can and will offer their invaluable contributions towards the welfare of the society. The more specific goals of the institutions are to provide distinguished Islamic education to those who seek to it. Various research journals and publications are dispatched through other established organizations. This makes the proper platform for the “Ummah” to recollect, unite and judiciously utilize the available resources to achieve the far reaching goals of the respective institutions. The Ultimate ambition of each and every institution however, remains the careful preservation of the once established “Deen of Allah”.

The Faculty

A Quran teacher or scholar helps these institutions to design their various courses which are basically based on classical curriculum. This ensures that the beginners can start from the grass root level and cruise on to an advanced area in the Islamic studies through well programmed study courses. The Quran tutor is not only a learned gentleman and educationally qualified, but also, their involvement in the universal society is as great as their influence on the world Islam community. This will make sure that their students get a lot of insight into the present structure of the Muslim society while learning about the ancient Quran.

Subjects covered under Islamic

Well structured lessons are provided on various Islamic subjects. These are perfectly engineered for the Beginners who are desperately seeking the holy knowledge of the Quran. A Quran lesson can be provided in the subjects of Aqeedah, Islamic Sciences, Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and even basic Arabic. There is provision for different tutors for each subject in a particular year of the ongoing course on Islamic studies.  A Quran class is held by the eminent professors in most stimulating environment which raises the determination towards study, and the thirst to knowledge of mystic truths. However, the Quran academy does not take any responsibility of the use of holy knowledge by any student after he leaves the institution on completion of course or otherwise.

Admission requirements

The Admission to the Quran academy can be made based on the choice of the student whether he/she wants to start out with the advanced course or beginner course. The Advanced course sign up requires a written selection test procedure. It is expected from a student who is enrolling in these courses at any Quran academy, that he/she must have the determination to spread the proud message of Islam and practice the Deen.

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