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What styles of fighting shorts, grappling shorts and jiu jit

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What styles of fighting shorts, grappling shorts and jiu jitsu gi suit your individual use

While Brazilian jiu jitsu is centred around technique, students of this sport are also allowed to display personalisation in what brand of fighting shorts, grappling short or jiu jitsu gi they wear. Beginners can find what jiu jitsu gi works best for them and expert bjj masters can continue buying the brand of grappling shorts or fighting shorts that allows them to move their best, with full-range of motion.

One mistake beginners may make in choosing any grappling shorts or fighting shorts is to only buy a single pair. While it may require an investment upfront, students should always have more than one pair of shorts or a jiu jitsu gi. This will help from continually washing BJJ gear or causing it wear out sooner from constant washing.

Finding the right fit with fighting Shorts

Sometimes, especially with online retailers it is hard to determine how fight shorts or grappling shorts will fit. Here are a few tips to make the process of finding comfortable equipment easier.

Ask what type of material the fighting shorts or grappling shorts are made of. Some materials offer more than a two-way give and will actually allow for a four-way stretch. This makes a difference when choosing a good fitting short. Many websites will have in depth sizing details available on their ‘sizing’ page. Use this as a guide when determining which brand of shorts to buy. If a manufacturer doesn’t provide this information, ask someone from the website. They may assist you in finding the perfect fit before you resort to using trial and error.

Not all one colour jiu jitsu Gi

No beginner should limit themselves to the standard black jiu jitsu gi. Even if coloured gis are not allowed in some matches, beginners may be allowed to express themselves with their favourite colour of gi. This allows those new to the sport to express themselves and to also personalise their equipment to match their individual style.

This is also why a student may want to purchase a specific brand of equipment online. Once a student finds a brand that fits well, it is easy to personalise a look and reveal their own style.  However, many times when purchasing a specific brand can mean trial and error for the purchaser to find the right fit and style. It may take time. However, once a student finds the best fit, they should continue buying the same brand keep the consistency.

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