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Mind Reader Darryl Can Tap Into Your Mind

by bestmagicianuk

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Darryl Rose is a mind reader based in London, UK, and has travelled around the world performing his mid reading skills. He is also known a mentalist and psychological entertainer.


Darryl can tap into your mind and reveal names of playing cards you are merely thinking about.


Imagine Darryl asking you to just think of the colour of your chosen card, getting it spot on, then revealing the suit, followed by the value.


Crowds have literally queued up for this one feat of mental skill and ability.

Darryl has over 25 years of experience reading minds, and together with NLP and sleight of hand, he creates an emotional performance that is enjoyed by all.


Darryl has literally performed around the world for everyone including Pop stars, CEO’s and Royalty, and his reputation is respected worldwide.


Darryl is a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star – The highest degree Possible, and is also a Member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians.


In performance, Darryl can predict the outcome of most things, and entertain at the same time, using his magic, sleight of hand and mental misdirection!


Darryl’s skills also include spoon and fork bending, just like Uri Geller used to do during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Click here to visit

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