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One Step forward - Two Steps Back

by DilipJoshi

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World today, is thrusting forward in terms of technological evolutions. One may not be in a position to foresee what gadgets and gizmos one would be using merely a year ahead! This actually intrigues me!


With enormous excitement built around the continuous advent of innumerous pleasurable attachments, a man though, would LOVE to attain immortality. If I were to declare today that - "probably within the next few decades, we may recreate the mythological powers which we have been acquainted to only through literature", I will for sure not be taken as an insane moron But, will be applauded for having a foresight!! I CALL THIS INDEED A STEP FORWARD... a real happy step forward, towards the next-gen world. Science rules and it is being believed in exactly the way our forefathers believed in religion. In many words, Science today means 'the only and eternal truth'. "Yes believe me... it is Science!!" These words may have been well experienced by many, if not all.


In the name of Science (poor Science!), I hear and read almost paradoxical and contradictory information in as adverse fields such as Beauty & Health - to - (say) Benefits of Smoking (!!??). Amazing, isn't it? But hey it is true... now since we have stumbled upon the topic of health & beauty, let's analyze this..! OK, how many of you know what is SLS or SLES? It is Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate - an irritant and a cheap toxic surfactant which is used in (ALMOST) all your Cosmetics, Toiletries and (HOLD your BREATH) in all your Detergents, and Kitchen & Toilet cleaners. Diverse utility, I must admit! And who authenticates this? Our best friend Science. Now this was just one such fact... if you take time out and investigate, you may unearth loads of such facts. And who makes this happen? Our poor blind faith in the masters of today's Science... I CALL THIS INDEED TWO STEPS BACK..


Nature, its validity and efficacy is long forgotten... I'm sure we all will agree that even our grand and grandmothers were indeed beautiful and healthy. I wonder where were SLS / SLES or more of these today's great wonders then? But also, they didn't miss them either. However, all is not lost as there are few many companies today, who still instill their faith in the good old Nature. Skin and hair care products still are made in the same manner as they are supposed to be... Natural. If this won't create immortality, trust it will sure create good health and beauty till it is to last. Friends... not a word of wisdom, but in true sense - "we must be as close to nature as possible, while manifesting the beautiful tomorrow". I wish we all loosen up and actually try to analyze the much entrenched myths that are created by today's Science. I entrust upon you all to take my 'this' analysis forward by doing some more personal research and gain correct knowledge. This in real sense will be a step forward!!

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