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Mop the floor in an easy way!

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Many people say that house cleaning takes more time. But, these days, technology has developed and the same task has become less time and energy consuming. There are many kinds of mops and cleaning brushes available to clean the floor. These mops are made with different kinds of materials like nylon, cotton, and other combined materials. They also come in different styles. There are many mops such as microfiber, sponge, string, steam and many others that are used to clean the floor. Microfiber mop is the advanced one, made of two combined poly fibers like polyester and polyamide. These are effective wipes, made to pick up the micro dust particles and clean the surfaces easily.


It is easy to mop the floor, if you follow some simple steps. Before that, you have to select the best wipe that suits your floor. Then, gather all the required tools to clean the surface like mop, floor brush, dust pan, bucket full of water with cleaning solution and a wringer.


  • You can remove the easy movable furniture and try that the pets and children do not stamp on the floor until you clean it.
  • First, sweep the floor and remove all the dirt particles.
  • Then, dip the mop in the bucket containing the cleaning solution and wipe it on the floor in a circular motion.
  • Once, you finish from one side then start from another side to remove the foot prints.
  • Do not pour excess water on the floor, as it may cause damage to the floor, if you have wooden flooring.
  • Dip the mop in the bucket and wring the excess water to remove the dust form it. Repeat it, each time you complete a session to avoid the dirt accumulation on the mop head.
  • Once done with mopping, then clean the mop head and wring it thoroughly.
  • Keep the mop in an open place to avoid the smell.
  • Allow the floor to dry and once it gets dried, then, keep the furniture in its proper place.


This is the easy way to clean the surface in less time. You should maintain the mop properly. If you don’t clean it properly, then it leaves bad odor in the entire home. So clean it regularly after every use to make it germ free.  If the mop head stinks after cleaning also, or it starts to fall apart, then, change the head immediately.

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