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The Windows Server 2008 Editions Give a New Dimension to Web

by Robatjhnson

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The Microsoft designed windows based server operating systems are most popular and widely used due to their versatility and user friendliness. These windows platforms support the improved performances with additional features of the new versions and editions released at regular intervals. Each of the editions serves the specific purpose. Based on the Windows NT 6.0, the windows server 2008 succeeds the server 2003 version. The windows server 2008 editions are categorized based on the number of the processors, the extent of physical memory and the availability of useful features. The different server 2008 editions are Standard, Web, Enterprise and Datacenter.

The windows server 2008 Standard editions help IT people to enhance the efficiency of the hosting infrastructure and the developers find this a suitable platform for creating related applications and services. This edition takes care of the advanced networks, web services and applications. This server helps to provide rich user experiences through secure network facilities and adds value to the business entity. All the new features of this server including the virtualization technology and other tools help to save time and reduce the cost to a great extent.

The window server 2008 Web editions are the modified version of the server 2003 web edition. This server is capable of improving the performance by installing or running only those services that you need rather than any extra service that you do not use. This server makes the preferred choice for hosting the websites containing huge multimedia files. This server makes it possible to enjoy high quality of streaming and video at quite faster rate without any buffering and distortion. All the current and future web applications effectively run well with this edition of the window based server OS.

The window server 2008 Enterprise editions serve various business verticals like networking, messaging services, database management, customer service, inventory control and others without any interruption. The large scale business organizations take the help of this server in their online business campaign. This server helps to increase the productivity of the business through remote access with entities positioned at multiple locations. The energy efficient enterprise edition reduces the power consumption to make your web hosting cost effective. This server allows its virtualization platform to build a stronger IT management system to look after the critical business aspects.

The windows server 2008 Datacenter editions are suitable for large datacenters that manage diversified operations and work with higher processing speed. The datacenter is the heart of the all hosting activities and is handled with utmost care to serve the online business world. A lot of stake is associated with the proper functioning of the data center and any disruption of its services may create havoc at the receiving end.

The datacenter edition of the window server is specifically designed to meet all the requirements of the modern and big data centers. All the necessary features including the security, speed, service continuity, compatibility with new technology and updated hosting patterns are effectively managed by this server type. Also this server edition is capable of providing unique backup to the data centers that are vulnerable to hacking, physical attacks, natural calamities and unscheduled power failure.




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