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Why You Need to Migrate from Typo3 to Drupal

by srijandrupal

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Today, web developers use different CMS packages for web development. Among these, Typo3 and Drupal are the most often used content management systems (CMS).

Drupal is well suited for community sites and often you just need to enable some modules bundled with the package like blog, forums, poll, FAQ management and modify the templates. But the problem is that often these modules provide basic functionality and they just aren’t what you want in your app.

In contrast Typo3 is much more complex and you can customize everything. You don’t have bundled plug-ins like forum or blog but you can download them for free from the extension repository. Most often they are more powerful and much more customizable then those included with Drupal.

Drupal comes with a default template and you can start using that right away. Typo3 comes empty, you will need to create a template and code it into your project. If you work with a designer who can make HTML code for you but he has no PHP knowledge, he will have a hard time working with Drupal templates.

In Typo3 HTML templates are what the name says, pure HTML with markers for different content elements. So creating a template is pretty straightforward even for people with no coding experience.

However, lots of companies in different industries want to follow suit and wish to migrate from Typo3 to Drupal due to the following reasons.

The modules and extensions available for Drupal makes it possible to integrate numerous features and functions such as photo gallery, Video & audio integration, advanced forum, blog, etc. It was found that Drupal would meet all the feature requirements with only minimal customization of modules.

The implementation time was estimated to be comparatively less in the case of Drupal.

Content Administration is quite easy in Drupal. Drupal's web-based administrative interface allows even non-technical users to easily manage, organize and publish content. To maintain content integrity, user roles and permissions can be easily defined to control the access and capabilities of different user types.

There are also few other reasons why clients wish to migrate from Typo3 to Drupal. As compared to Drupal, TYPO3 do not have a large developer community. Typo3 is expensive and has slow maintenance/upgrade process.?It is difficult to implement community oriented features in Typo3. Adding new functionality in Drupal is relatively easier and quicker compared to Typo3. Documentation is scarce in Typo3.

There are different methods to migrate from Typo3 to Drupal. However, it is easier to do with the help of the TYPO3_migrate module. It provides support for migrating content from a Typo3 to Drupal using the Migrate module.


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