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Auto Maintenance 101: 4 Frequently Changed Cheap Auto Parts

by enochross

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Spending money on an automobile does not stop after paying for it in full. Cars require constant repair and maintenance to live out its expected service life. Luckily, there are a number of stores that offer cheap auto parts for people hoping to spare a few dollars. To learn more about automobile repair, listed here are four commonly replaced automobile parts that every vehicle owner should learn about.

One of the most common components that are replaced during vehicle maintenance are the tires. Tires ought to be replaced every five to seven years. Tire replacement frequency should depend on how many miles the vehicle registers in a year and the kind of driving it is used for. Aggressive driving and hard cornering frequently cause increased tire deterioration. A car with misaligned or extremely worn tires should be repaired immediately.

Another part that should be changed instantly to ensure safety is the brake pad. Brake pads must be replaced anytime between three to five years or at 30,000 to 70,000 miles. Bigger, heavier vehicles need to have more regular replacements compared with more compact automobiles. Semi-metallic and ceramic brake lining usually lasts longer than non-asbestos organic lining. Cars that are used in cities with a lot of stop-and-go traffic are more likely to get extensive pad damage than cars used for highway driving.

Faulty sensors must be changed every now and then as well. Accumulated time and mileage can cause engine sensors to malfunction even before the car logs 150,000 miles. A faulty sensor switches on the Check Engine Light and sets a fault code. Coolant leaks and burning oil are some of the likely causes of sensor troubles in late model automobiles. Internal cracks and exposure to engine heat also influences the output of sensors.

Dust or rust within the fuel pump can cause a fuel pump to break down after five to six years of driving. Insufficient lubrication in the pump, brought about by running the fuel tank dry, or driving with very low fuel are also usual sources of problems with the fuel pump. This part is commonly changed, but is also frequently misdiagnosed.

Even the best cars need to have parts repaired or replaced. Using this guide, diagnosing which parts require replacement is easy. For additional information on frequently replaced cheap auto parts, browse through

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