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Practical Making Best Use of Infrared Grills from Solaire Is

by dominicpablo

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The four benefits of grilling—meats seal in essential vitamins like riboflavin and thiamine; excess fat drips away; vegetables keep in more minerals and vitamins; and there's no need to add butter or oil since high-heat cooking holds on to more moisture, which keeps the meat tender—were discussed by Annie House, a registered dietician, in one of the articles from the Botsford Blog. Is it any wonder why grilling, the awesome American pastime, is popular? Not only is it a no-fuss cooking technique, but one that is healthy as well.

With today's technological improvements, though, grilling is shifting into the cutting-edge territory: infrared grilling like the portable grills from Solaire . Although this method still utilizes natural gas or propane, like traditional gas grills, it has numerous advantages over gas (as well as charcoal) grilling.

Unlike standard grilling that uses convection cooking—where hot air is what cooks food—infrared grills utilize thermal radiation. This implies that food is directly cooked by the heated ceramic tiles, and not air. What this causes are no flame ups and even cooking (which are generally created when fat drips into the fire).

Infrared provides higher cooking temperatures, as high as 700 degrees, which can reportedly be achieved in as little as seven minutes. This is great for effectively searing meat; the meat browning process of searing develops at temperatures between 300 to 500 F.

The speed in which heat is achieved subsequently minimizes both the ignition and cooking time. As a result, infrared grills, as compared to traditional grills, consume less fuel and definitely save more time. In addition, due to the more efficient cooking time, these kinds of infrared grills from Solaire, for example, make it possible for meat to retain more fluids and nutrients, which results in more tasty, mouth-watering food.

With about 75 % of American households having a grill, it is safe to say that grilling as a pastime will be around for a long time. What is interesting is that as technological breakthroughs emerge, the basic technique of cooking meat over a grill will also get more improved. To read more on the benefits of infrared grills, browse through

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