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Bamboo Flooring Is The Latest Trend In The Market

by ctmroofplumbing

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When it comes to flooring of your house, you are just flooded with options. There
are many types of flooring available and the options are even increasing day by
day. Different types of flooring vary greatly in the matter of longevity and
cost. Some type of flooring might be particularly suitable for some particular
geographic locations where as some flooring suits every home. When you start to
choose the flooring material for your home these are the main and most popular
options you have; the marble flooring, the laminate flooring, linoleum
flooring, ceramic tiles, Hardwood flooring, Bamboo Flooring
and many more.

A few things about bamboo floors

Bamboo flooring is quite a new concept in the flooring market. Usually, a particular
species of bamboo, known as Moso bamboo is used in this kind of flooring. The
physical similarity with hardwoods and comparatively less cost have made Bamboo
Brisbane a hot favourite amongst the houseowners. Bamboo floors are durable, insect and moisture proof and at the same time claimed to be “eco-friendly. The bamboos are highly processed to give themthe desired shape and gloss. These kinds of Bamboo
Flooring Brisbane
 are also available in light and dark colours
which resemble beach wood and oak respectively. 
When settling for bamboo flooring, you can be rest assured about its
hardness and longevity. The bamboo floorings produced by modern techniques are
even harder than Hardwood flooring.

Installing the bamboo floor

  • To install bamboo floor,
    a sub floor is needed. This sub-floor can be made up of plywood or concrete.

  • In case of plywood sub
    floor, a particular thickness and quality is required, which should be tested
    before installing the bamboo floor.

  • In case of concrete sub
    floor, it should be first tested for vapour and moisture.

  • The surface of the sub
    floor should be smooth, clean and dry.

  • Strips of the flooring
    are now attached with the sub floor by gluing, stapling or nailing.

  • Proper care should be
    taken about the quality of the nails or adhesive used.

  • The flooring should be
    left to acclimate for at least the next three days or as suggested

Maintaining the bamboo floor

So now you have installed the BambooFlooring Brisbane
and your home looks just great. The next
thing to come in your mind is how you should clean and maintain it. Here is a
quick guide foryou.

  • Sweep and dust the
    floor regularly with a broom with soft bristles or vacuum cleaner.

  • Use a lightly dampened
    mop to wipe spots.

  • Use a non-toxic wood
    cleaner, but do never leave it on for long.

  • Never use wax on your
    bamboo floor.

  • Using a humidifier to
    maintain the relative humidity can be helpful.

It is always advised to use the bamboo flooring in its natural colour that is
lighter and looks like the beach wood. A carbonizing process is performed to
give it a darker colour, which might reduce the strength of the bamboo.For Bamboo Flooring Sydney, you can take the help of the CTM flooring. They provide excellent service and competitive
pricing for decorating your house with the best kind of floorings. 

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