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Two Types of Goods a Merchandise Liquidator Sells

by susyhoppe

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Some commercial events where consumer participation has been known to offer greater revenue to manufacturers and retailers may leave both industries with excess stocks in the end. These products come in all forms, from canned food to vinyl sidings. Why do overstocks happen? Although it is rare, businesses may sometimes overestimate the demand for a certain product, especially before major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Other times, some stores may keep merchandise from a previous inventory, in the hopes that these will sell like hotcakes at the next sale event. However, for some reason these hot-from-last-season goods stayed in the warehouse or at the storage facilities of large stores, only to gather dust forever. Nevertheless, don’t fret. It’s highly probable that a reliable merchandise liquidator is available in a retailer’s area to salvage those unwanted goods that no one wants.

However, it helps to keep in mind that liquidation firms do not necessarily buy any “dead” product from a manufacturer right off the bat. Some liquidators only agree to buy job-outs. Others are more open to acquiring any non-purchased merchandise in bulk.

It helps to understand what these things are first. Job-out goods are merchandise that were marketed on display, but were not sold. Perhaps these products were not adequately displayed in full view, or maybe too many stocks of the same products were acquired.

The other type of closeout merchandise involves goods that were returned by customers who have purchased them earlier, samples, or those that were on display for a long time that hundreds of inquiring hands might have held them, often to the detriment of the product’s quality. These are called salvage products, which, on average, have a higher chance of damage caused by mishandling. If a known merchandise liquidator sells job-outs at a greatly reduced price, you can be sure that they sell salvage products at even lower prices.

Note, however, that just because a commodity is tagged as a salvage product does not mean it’s unusable. Many are in working condition and may only have minor damage. Check out for more details on how liquidated merchandise can help you earn a quick buck.

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