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A true story of a teenager will be the eBook of 2013

by freepress

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Going to get on Amazon and other online retailers the novel that promises to be the next success (best seller) of the ebook on line 2013. "How I Became a vampire" (how I became a vampire) is the title of this novel that fits into the fantasy teen-horror genre, but with the originality to be based on a true story. Even if incredible, the story begins from scientific bases absolutely true. This novel is inspired by a true story of a teenage girl, Karin Young, who suffered from porphyria, a rare disease that has symptoms similar to the ones on the vampire legend as: : trouble to go out in day, severe anemia and need for blood transfusions, chronic fatigue and therefore need to sleep for a long time, photosensitivity to sunlight, illuminating the teeth with ultraviolet light these are fluorescent red, emotional instability, hallucinations. Karin, the difficulty of his illness, she believes to be a real vampire and lives his life as such. He also has a brother, Henry, sick of porphyria like her and have long been aware of his condition. Karin lives, like all teenagers, a tender romance with Sean. His illness affect this love story  and relationships with friends. In this true story, the journalist who reported the Karin's  testimony, added episodes associated with legends about vampires, that everyone is free to believe true or false ... These legends are told for centuries and perhaps all have even the slightest element of truth ... This novel is just the beginning of the series of the life of Karin and her being a vampire and is published in English and translated into Italian, as a start, and then be translated into other languages. The prequel short history will be distributed (probably for free of charge) in the best online platforms. _The books of the series, instead will be on payment with a price from 2,99$.. Do not miss: to be involved in a story where you enter and exit the world without ever really being aware of it.


Brian Anderson

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