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Mature Escorts Are Just one thing that gets better with age

by franklinbenjamin222

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Many people like to argue that maturity is essential. Normally, these people just so happen to be old, or are trying to argue why their fancy for mature escorts is totally normal. Of course, there is a certain amount of bias- many people like to argue that their current situation is the best one- but is there any validity to this argument, do things really get better with age?

Some things certainly don’t. Anyone who has opened up a pot of yoghurt left deserted at the back of a fridge will attest to the traumatic state such an item can be in. Items like this are called perishables, and they’re the sort of thing that make you play close attention to the use by date. Some, like vegetables, simply wilt and die, or shrivel up. Others go brown and mushy. The worst are those that go rancid: there are few things worse than old fish or poultry, sorry, grey misshapen lumps of utterly offensive material. They harbour a huge number of bacteria and would make you very unwell if you were to consume them, which is why your body finds their smell so revolting.

But it’s not just perishables. Many people mistakenly believe that cheese gets better with age. Whilst many do, that process is one that is done in a controlled environment. In the average kitchen, a block of cheese left for a number of months is likely to end up as a stale thing, bereft of its subtleties and nuances. Instead the flavours of decay dominate. Many think that little bits of mould are ok- after all blue cheese has it- but what they don’t realise is that this decomposition is one that is firmly guided and regulated. The growths on their own dairy products are likely riddled with all sorts of harmful bacteria, and should be treated accordingly.

Wine too, does not always age well. Not every type can be left indefinitely, for a great effect. in fact many of them suffer from long term storage, which can corrupt the flavour and leave an overly acidic mixture. Most wines should be consumed within 3-5 years of production, so keeping that cheap bottle in the cellar for a decade is likely to make it worse, not better. What makes it worse is the sheer investment. Buying a lacklustre bottle is bad enough, but the disappointment one feels when they open their 15 year old commitment, only to discover that it’s awful, can be crushing.

Of course, some wines age beautifully. A good riesling only gets better as time goes by, with those pale notes of crisp clear summer, developing into a deeper, richer sun. The gorgeous blend of toffee, apricots and honey all dance with the grace that only an older lady can appreciate. It’s the perfect bottle to share with a mature escort or an older companion, someone who has seen enough to know the value of aging gracefully.


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Franklin Benjamin is a freelance writer, who contributes to numerous blogs and websites. He is the Author of VLondon for the article on Mature Escorts .To know more about beautiful girls Click Here Stunning Escorts.


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