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How to play videos on iPad with FLV to MP4 Converter

by Amily1012

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As we all know, Flash Video is popular on some hot video websites and it is very vivid for readers. Both FLV file formats and MP4 are good quality videos. But they have some different usages for different customers.

Why you need MP4 format instead of FLV?

MP4 is a great format to produce high quality videos which can give big file size.

FLV with VP6 codec is a great quality codec and the highest quality version of the FLV file format. VP6 video is less processor intensive. If you want to play back videos on computers, flash is the best choice for you. However, FLV files cannot be played on Apple mobile devices (iOS devices).

MP4 the common video format is popular for playing on iOS devices or video played web. MP4 H.264 codec are iPad, iPod and iPhone compatible format for playback. And the pages use HTML 5 to directly play the MP4 video file.

Besides, the video providers like YouTube, Vimeo, or iTunes all use the MP4 file with H.264 encoding. A Blu-Ray player can also decode.

The tutorial to Convert FLV to MP4 freeware for playback

Step 1 Free download Kvisoft FLV to MP4 Converter on official website and install it.

Step 2 Run this video converter, and add FLV files. Drag or click the add files tab are OK. You can add multiple videos in one time.

Step 3 Choose the Common Video MP4 as your target output format. Of course, you can edit the videos to get your customizable MP4 files with the flv converter.

Finally, just click Convert tab to start converting video to MP4.

Now you can get your target video in few seconds and share it with your friends.


I'm a video lover and I like share wonderful and fun videos with you. Here I suggest you one video tool to convert FLV to MP4 for all video lovers on Apple mobile devices. Get FLV converter MP4 now.

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