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Life’s Precious Moment With Maternity Photography

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Pregnancy is both a blessing and a very personal event that signifies a woman’s essence. The gift of being able to take care of a new life is an experience beyond description. Capturing this meaningful event through maternity photos is one of the best ways to preserve and relive the moment.

This fad is no longer for well-known actresses alone. While Demi Moore may have created such a great hype when she posed nude for her maternity pictures years ago, many regular mothers to be are clamoring to have their own stylized photo shoot. There are even some who request their partners to join them in some frames.

When is the Best Time to Shoot?

Timing is everything when it comes to taking pregnancy pictures. Since women are in a delicate state during pregnancy, it’s best to work with your body and the changes that go with it almost every week. It’s highly recommended to have the photo shoot done between 30 to 35 weeks or around seven to eight months of pregnancy. The belly is really highlighted because it looks round and nice about this time. This is also the time when women are still comfortable enough to do the poses required during the shoot. Apart from that, shooting beyond this time may present body image issues among pregnant women. Women don’t usually feel as confident after the eight month mark because more stretch marks are appearing, they feel swollen due to water retention and they’re already heavily pregnant making them feel more sluggish.

Work on that Confidence

It can’t be denied that posing in front of the camera is quite daunting. It’s even more stressful when you’re belly is protruding and you’ve gained some weight. Thus, it’s best to work on your on how you see yourself. Try to exert a lot of effort by having your hair and make-up done by professionals prior to the shoot. They have the experience to make you look good no matter how bad you feel about yourself. Another helpful tip is to buy clothes and accessories that look good on you. Your maternity photos will look much better if you like what you’re wearing or posing with.

Air Out your Thoughts

Keep in mind that the photo shoot is about you and the amazing experience of being pregnant. Thus, say whatever you think is necessary to help the photographer create a raving portfolio of your shoot. Incorporate your preferences with the artistry of your chosen studio. You can even suggest having the shoot done in the comforts of your home or some other place relevant to you and your partner. It’s a good idea to use your baby’s clothes as props as well. In fact, the same things you’ve utilized during your session may also be used when you have your newborn photography in Sydney

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