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A guide to Himachal Pradesh with geography, history, modern influences, tourism, National Parks and sanctuaries.about himachal, traveling to himachal, routes to various destinations in himachal, bicycles, Himachal biking tours from Adventure Quests, Mountain Biking Himachal ...Our website provides you complete and reliable information on Himachal Pradesh and its nearby places such as Chail, Manali and Shimla.Himachal online a virtual guide to himachal pradesh in India covering Himachal Tourism, Himachal Pradesh Tourism, Himachal Travel, business, himachali arts, manali ..Himachal the word literally means ‘The home of snow’ has the mountains as a permanent background.Himachal is indeed a fantastic destination for tourists. Tourists will hard pressed to find attractions like in Himachal Pradesh elsewhere.



Called as Silver Valley of Himachal, Kullu-Manali is blesses with natural beauty. Silver glow that shines over the snow and waters when sun’s rays fall over them has given this valley this name.There is something magical about Manali. No matter how many times you have visited the hill station, you will always want to go backManali literally means the 'Home of Manu'

Manali, according to legend, was born when the waters of the Great Deluge receded and the seventh Manu's ark came to rest on a hillside in this valley.Visit kullu manali for your holidays, honeymoon or to enjoy various adventure activities. Kullu-Manali has also lot of heritage, cultural and pilgrim spots to visit





























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