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Various Uses of Geomembrane Liners

by westernliner

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The change of climate has ledto the weather becoming unpredictable, making it unusually dry in some areas and unusually wet in some. As natural resources preservation awareness increases, mankind’s innovation to preserving natural resources and commodities has increased as well.  One of these innovations is the preservation of water.

Water has become scarce in some areas and is feared to deplete in some.  As we all know, water is one of the most essential commodity for every living thing to thrive. With the fear of water scarcity, mankind has found many ways and invented new means of preserving it. One of these simple means is the use of geomembrane liners.

Water and any other fluid containment have been made more efficient by the use of geomembrane liners.In terms of water preservation, geomembrane use can be summarized in two ways:

First, lining of ponds to prevent the waste of water by seeping into the ground;Second, lining of ponds to prevent hydrocarbons and chemical contaminants to permeate into the aquifer.

Many of these man-made bodies of water such as lakes, ponds, canals, whether it be recreational or industrial have utilized the use of geomembrane liners. In most cases, where fresh water is contained, Geomembrane liners such as Reinforce Polyethylene RPE, Reinforced Polypropylene RPP and Polyvinyl Chloride PVC is commonly used.  These pond liner materials effectively prevent the water from seeping into the ground.

When it is for the containment of hydrocarbons, waste by-products and other chemicals, Reinforced Polypropylene RPP, Xr5 and PVC can be suitable for such applications. These pond liner materials are durable enough to withstand the harsh contaminants that are found in these fluids, at the same time survive extreme environmental factors.  These geomembrane types can effectively prevent caustic chemicals from permeating into the ground, preserving the natural soil and preventing water contamination in the aquifer.

When a project calls for a geomembrane liner, it is recommended that a thorough research is done. There are many different products in the industry that offers more and has a better value than the traditional once. When in doubt, consult an expert.

About the Author:

This Article is provided by Western Environmental Liner, a division of Western Ag Enterprises. Over 60 million square feet of industrial fabrics is converted a year at their manufacturing plants located in Tolleson, Arizona, Great Bend Kansas and Romulus, New York.

Western Environmental Liner has several years of experience working with liners for applications ranging from Recreational Pond Liners & Golf Course Liners to Waste Containment liners & Oil Field Liners. Western Environmental Liner services some of the major big companies such as Shell Oil, Raytheon, Cargill, & Motorola.

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