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The Shard takes the capital to new heights

by thomasonedward

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London has recently seen the completion of the tallest building in Western Europe, the Shard.

The newest addition to London’s spectacular skyline stands 1016 feet tall and from the outside, it looks as though it is just made of pure glass. The Shard and its crystalline facade has the highest views in London, and what’s more, the views are totally unobstructed so you can get a 360 degree view of London and it’s boroughs beyond. Built to inspire change with it’s wonderful architecture, the Shard hosts the UK’s first Shangri-La hotel, with 200 luxurious rooms, all offering breathtaking views of the capital. There are restaurants, offices and you can even buy an apartment there, although the price tag is pretty steep for the most prestigious address in London with the best views. It is also one of the most sought after commercial address with its twenty six floors of office space.


The Shard takes the capital to new heights. But if you can’t afford yourself a Shard postcode, how can you take your business to the next height? Advertising in London can be costly; magazine, television and radio campaigns do not come cheap and require a great deal of time and effort to produce.


There are many types of advertising. Online advertising such as placing advertisements on websites is another way of spreading word about your business. Social networking sites are more popular than ever before and they can tailor your advertisement to a particular demographic. There are also many tricks on search engines to ensure your business is kept on the first page.


As well as the print or broadcast route, there are numerous billboards around the city, but these only target a certain demographic and remain static. The London transport network is a highly effective way of reaching the public with posters in lifts, stations and on trains, or even advertising on escalators. But there are also many other forms of transport that can be used and are just as if not even more so effective.


London rickshaws are an innovative way of advertising in London and are perfect for reaching a diverse range of people. Always on the move, rickshaws can raise the profile of your company or brand without making an impact on the environment. Riders can reach a wider audience around the busy areas of London and their unique way of advertising will get people talking about your product. Rickshaws also have a number of options to ensure your advertising is as effective as possible.


With the Shard bringing more and more visitors to London, there isn’t a better way to reach those extra tourists than by innovative advertising on the move, to guarantee your business reaches those new heights.


Author Information: Thomason Edward is a freelance writer with experience contributing to various editorial pages, blogs and websites on a wide range of topics .He is the author of article Advertising Types. To know more about his writings visitOutdoor Advertising

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