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A revolutionary showerdoor system which requires no cleaning

by lowcountryglass

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We are pleased to bring you a variety of new and exciting shower door options to the Charleston glass market. For years people would ask “how do I keep my new shower door
looking like new?” While there is no miracle self cleaning glass currently available, we are happy to share with you several advances in the shower door industry. Lowcountry Glass & Shower Door LLC is able to let our twenty years of local experience make your shower door purchase virtually effortless. Let’s discuss glass options, and advice on maintaining your glass purchase.

One exciting product available to the Charleston glass scene is “Showerguard” by Guardian industries It is common for people to have a white film appear on their shower glass. Our customers often ask, “what do I use to remove the soap scum?” In many instances the white film or etching is not soap scum at all, but rather corrosion of the glass. “Showerguard” uses patented technology during the manufacturing process to provide a permanent coating designed to prevent corrosion, etching, and mildew. Guardian offers a lifetime warranty, and Lowcountry Glass & Shower Door LLC is proud to be a registered dealer of “Showerguard”. Choose us for your installation, and Guardian will give you a $50.00 rebate. Another option that is available to the Charleston glass market is “EnduroShield.” This is an applied coating at one of our area glass distributors. “EnduroShield” offers a ten year warranty, and claims to reduce cleaning time by up to 90%. This can be a more cost effective option when it comes to some of the treated glass options available now.

If you already have a frameless glass shower enclosure, or have decided that a factory protected glass option is not in your budget, then there are other ways to keep your glass
looking great. Several Charleston glass companies have recommended to their customers to treat their shower doors with “Rain-x” as a means to protect against film and corrosion. Upon doing research, I came across several articles which strongly urged homeowners not to use this product inside of their homes. Apparently, this product can be toxic in an indoor setting, and it is designed to be used outdoors only. The best thing for keeping your shower door looking new is a squeegie. They are widely available and come in a variety of styles and price ranges. As soon as you are done showering, simply wipe the glass in a downward stroke with the squeegie. A “magic eraser” by Mr Clean is also a great way to keep your glass looking great.

Please choose Lowcountry Glass & Shower Door LLC as your Charleston glass service provider. We would be glad to answer any shower door related questions that you may have.
Whether you currently have a shower door, or are in the market for a new one, we are hear to help. Our company offers flexible scheduling to work with your needs. Please visit our site or call Brian Atwood @ 843-261-3536

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