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Implications of Linux Shared Web Hosting

by Robatjhnson

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Share hosting is another distinguished service in the family of hosting. It is characterized by a single website hosting many websites at the same time. Each site is provided its own space and accumulated resources and all of them reside with the same host server. The space and storage capacity is decided by the client and the host provides it accordingly. For the time being, it has been quite popular because of its sparingly low price and qualitative features.

When a website gets hosted in a shared hosting, it particularly gets its fixed bandwidth and disk space. The storage space of that website is just a part of the complete space available in the server. The resources used by every user are partitioned to avoid sharing of their content or related things. In fact they are completely differentiated with each other in terms of memory, bandwidth, and many other prospects. The only commonality among the sites is that they share the same IP address. Being controlled by a single server, each website has the same IP address as its neighbor but that doesn’t make them vulnerable of being shared.

A shared host generally provides its hosting with the two most common operating systems. Although, windows is more popular due to its compatibility with most of the applications, Linux shared web hosting is more profound with IT organizations due to its excellent secured systems.

Another important part about Linux shared hosting is that you can choose it only if your website has been developed in the similar environment. That is so because your website will have compatibility towards only that operating system under which it has been developed. Therefore, it is always better to start with a Linux OS form the very beginning so that no issues can be faced later.

Using managed shared hosting that is Linux-based is another advantage as you will be working within an environment that will technically sound in all respects. When you go for managed services, all the concerned areas such as maintenance, updates, installations, etc. are no more needed to be controlled by you. It goes into the hands of expert who are specifically trained and have gained expertise in such work. They carefully manage your website and server making it more user-friendly for you as well as for the user.

Further requirements such as how much storage space you need, how many e-mail accounts will make your work easier, control panel etc. are based on the size of your website. With shared Linux hosting, your job not only becomes easier but also affordable. The price reduces here because you are sharing your resources with other users. Therefore, the cost is also divided among the users. Moreover, there are no overhead costs too.

For best results, using it during the inception stage of your website is advisable as your website will not be receiving huge traffic and it will get the necessary exposure it deserves. When it starts gaining huge traffic or even if when you feel that it’s time to play a big role, you can easily opt for other hosting services that come into use generally.


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