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How To Do Effective E-mail Marketing

by anonymous

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It should be a high value product that is tightly related to the niche. Now I’m saying high value not high cost here and make sure it’s tightly related to whatever your niche is. If you were in the underwater basket-weaving niche, probably skydiving wouldn’t interest them. Make sure your offer is tight – very closely related and focused.

Now also you should promote products that are $47 or less. You could promote a high price product if you wanted to, but the fact is they just got a free report from you. They’ve never bought anything. You’re recommending the first product to them so you make sure the value is high and the price is low so that they buy and they know that you’re going to recommend good products to them. You’re training them from the get-go, all right.

Then keep the tone of the e-mail conversational and not hyped up. Write like you’re talking to a friend – if you’re speaking to a friend you’re not going to hype it all up and try to pitch them some crazy thing really excited and over the top, right. You’re just going to talk to them in a very conversational way and just explain to them what’s going on. That’s the way your offer and pitch e-mail should be.

Also, continue sending e-mails. Send out an e-mail every time you release a new report, but don’t force them to opt-in again. Just give them the e-mail with a download link. They don’t need to do it again. They’re already on your list so just give them access to the report.

Then keep sending out e-mails to promote affiliate offers or your own products or JV offers or product launches – whatever. Keep sending out e-mails. You’re going to keep making money if you keep sending out e-mails. Just make sure you space them out a little bit and don’t bombard people with e-mails.

It just depends on how much you want to market to your list. Now this not only makes you more money, but it also trains your list to open your e-mails. This is a key because we’re building an asset that we can use in our later business when we turn it into a real business, right.What you want to do is train your list to open your e-mails so when they receive an e-mail from you they click on it because you’re giving them good value or you’re giving them free reports and all that kind of stuff.

However, a caveat to that – use unique subject lines that are related to the e-mails, but don’t use the word “free report” or “new report” or anything like that because while you’re training your list you don’t want to train them to the wrong things. Let’s say every time you release a free report, you say here’s a new free report in the subject line or free report – how to build your e- mail list in seven easy steps.

Your subject lines always look something like that, but then your promotional e-mails are always something with a unique subject line to the e-mail. What they’re going to do is they’re going to start seeing that oh the free reports always say free report in the subject line so I’ll just skip all of his other e-mails and only open the free report or the new report e-mails because that is where I get something for free.


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