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In house training course planning and requirements

by anonymous

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Before you kick start on any training, you need to have prepared yourself with the entire training tools that you will require during the training. You just don’t wake up in the morning and walk in the training room without even planning what you want to teach the employees. For one, you need to understand that in order to achieve the aim of the training, the organization will require that you give its employees all the necessarily knowledge on the skill required for their job. You will therefore require preparing yourself with all the materials you will require before entering the training room. The same case applies to the trainees; you need to be ready with writing materials just in case you will be required to write down some important points.

As a trainer, you will require to prepare a lesson plan on the things that you will teach. Do not ignore this as it is of great help in that it helps you prepare the important point you will point out to the trainees in advance. It also helps you have a written record which can be reviewed later after the training. When writing down your lesson plan, you should be able to note out the entire objective you wish to have achieved at the end of the training. The objectives should be listed down in the order under which you will present them and if possible allocate time expect to spend on each listed objective. This way you are able to determine how long the training will take. Another important item that should be contained in your lesson plan is the methods which you will use to present your objectives.

When planning in house training courses the scheduling and the venue where the training should take place will be determine by the administration of the organization. Since it is an in house training, the venue will be in within the organizations building. This means that as the trainer, you will be the one required to travel and not the employees. It is therefore you agree on time and do your best to keep time so as not to keep the trainees waiting for you. The venue should be an offsite location which will not cause any disruptions as the training is in progress.

As a trainer offering the in house training course, you are supposed to observe some important points so as to make the training a success. For one, you are supposed to make sure that the all the topics covered during the training meet the requirements of the organization and should be consistent with the organizations policies. When explaining down your points, be clear and avid using a lot of jargon; if possible use examples such as charts and diagrams that will make the training easier both for you and for the trainees.

An in house training course is good for breaking the daily working monotony; it is therefore important that the administration of any organization offer these courses to their employees regularly. It adds the motivation of your employees and makes them feel special and hence increase their productivity.


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