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Kanha National Park – Wildlife at its Best

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Seated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is one of the most beautiful and vibrant national forest zones in India. With over a hundred different species of fauna and over a thousand species of flora making this area their home, it is a boom to the tourism industry. Hotels in Kanha National Park are almost all eco – tourism bungalows and tourist lodges. While resorts in Kanha won’t give you the glitter and glamour you usually associate with the word ‘Resort’; the forests make up the missing pizzazz with natural beauty and splendor. Hotels in Kanha are some of the most hospitable accommodations you can find, and your stay is always royally arranged.

The beauty of Kanha is the Royal Bengal tiger. Tourists from all over the world and much of India come here to photograph and study the wild cats in one of their last few natural habitats. As one of the most endangered species on the planet, the Indian national animal is the main attraction that fills in hotels in Kanha. In peak seasons, between February and June, Resorts in Kanha entertain a footfall of thousands of tourists who try and photograph the magnificent cat. However, with ecological concerns on bait, these hotels can only entertain a limited number of heads at a time.

Hotels in Kanha National Park have to ensure that the tourism business that feeds the state and generates revenue to protect the wildlife does not in turn disturb the natural habitat. Over population and rampant tourism can have some pretty adverse effects on the ecology of a forest, and that should be avoided at all costs. Resorts in Kanha thus ensure following eco – tourism rules, and keep a limited number of guests who can be safely and discreetly taken on tours into the forest zone.

If you’re looking to take your family on a holiday where you want to experience seeing a tiger in the wild, hotels in Kanha will offer you some of the best hospitality and sightseeing tours. Directly associated with the forest department, any registered hotel here will offer you jeep safari and elephant back safaris into the forest zone. However, Hotels in Kanha National Park  is extremely busy in the peak seasons, and bookings must be done at least a few months in advance if you want the prime time slots. Book yourself online and you can securely book yourself a Kanha forest holiday at ease.

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