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What Exactly Are 16 Gauge Kitchen Sinks?

by Johnmarriso

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If you are shopping around for stainless steel sinks, you have undoubtedly seen the numbers that are associated with them. You might see 20 gauge or an 18 gauge or 16 gauge stainless steel sinks and you might wonder what that means and how that affects the price of the sink and which ones are better. It might make sense that the larger numbers are better. After all, that is how things typically work, higher numbers usually mean and higher quality product. However, when it comes to 16 gauge kitchen sinks, just the opposite is true.



It turns out that the number associated with the gauge when it comes to stainless steel is this: How many sheets of steel hammered together does it take to make a piece an inch thick? So, in other words a 20-gauge piece would have thinner sheets than an 18-gauge and it would have thinner sheets than a 16-gauge. So, having 16 gauge stainless steel sinks means that they will hold up better to heavy use than the higher numbers and also make less noise when pans clank against them and so on. Obviously, you want to then be shopping for the lowest number you can afford when it comes to your sink and you almost certainly do not want to go with a higher gauge than 18 or your sink will not be very durable and might need to be replaced within a short amount of time.



16 gauge kitchen sinks are sort of the higher end of standard. There are some available that are thicker but depending on your kitche n needs might be a bit excessive for the average home user. Obviously, as you are doing your shopping and comparison of sizes, styles, finishes, faucets, and so on, you will definitely want to make sure that you consider the gauge of stainless steel the sink comes in. You may decide you want to pay a little bit more and go with the 16 gauge stainless rather than the 18 gauge or you might even be able to find a retailer that sells them for so close to the same price that you can clearly see it would be foolish to go with the lower quality of stainless steel.



Just remember as you are doing your shopping that the numbers have to do with the thickness of the steel that goes into making the sink. It has nothing to do with size, shape, or whether the sink is a bottom mount or top mount style. You can have all of your bells and whistles with the sink, exactly like you wanted, and you can also be assured that the sink will last for a good long time.


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