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The Suburbs don’t always live up to the the Fantasy

by robertgale

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Surbiton is hailed as the capital of suburbia, its stock is rising quickly and many are being drawn to what is being hailed by many as the next hot investment opportunity in the capital. The attractions of the area range from its shops to the renowned local Surbiton escorts, but for is the are overhyped?

The label of suburbia, and Surbitons almost homophonic relationship with it, has drawn in a lot of potential buyers, many of whom dont really know what a suburb is. Its just a trendy word, a symbol of middle class quality that few actually understand. The suburbs are residential areas in major cities. Unlike inner city living, the suburbs offer less dense housing, meaning that people get bigger houses and more room to spare. Adding an extension to your house in the city is almost impossible, in the burbs its almost expected. That extra space often translates into greenery, with people having the gardens, tree lined streets and general airiness that is so often missing in the smoke packed capital. Its the perfect environment to raise a family, which is where youll see its most common pop culture reference. Every young couple seems to dream of living the high life, getting into their early thirties, having a baby and settling down in the suburbs where the air is cleaner, the grass greener and the children can ride their bicycles down the street on a balmy summers eve. They wont have to worry about public transport anymore- everybody drives a foreign car here- which means no more sweaty tube rides, painfully slow buses or extortionate rail journeys. Its all easy street: the stress and bustle of the city fades into the background as they go off to live a more serene life.

Of course, that’s the fantasy. The big appeal of the suburbs is the combination of city living and amenities, without any of the downsides. The problem is that it normally comes at a big cost. Financially, the burbs are often expensive and limited to those with a sizeable income. The middle classes in particular seem at home there. Theres also a loss in diversity. The foreign communities that make London so wonderfully cosmopolitan are often completely missing, leaving everything rather bland and generic. The culture is a self contained one, like the community, which tends to lead to a close knit but rather gossipy collection of people. Curtain twitching and hushed conversations in a Starbucks armchair are the bread and butter of the burbs, and it can be a struggle to keep things private. Those looking for a quiet retreat from the world are best off looking further away from the cities: the price of true escape is commuting, not moving into an area with more trees. Its a lesson many have learnt and it is, rather sadly, why the Surbiton escorts are so very much in demand. Theres no shortage of men that have become disillusioned with their past hopes and now want nothing more than to spend a private afternoon with a beautiful lady, to discover a little bit of magic again in the world of white picket fences and sunday morning car washes.

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