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Services Offered by Birmingham Airport

by elynieva

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The debate about the benefits of travelling by road versus those of travelling by air sometimes dominates the public domain. There are those who feel that travelling by road is safer and more fun as you will have lots to see on the road. However, others feel that taking a flight beats a road trip at any time as there will be a lot of time saved and safety is ensured. Indeed traveling by air is safer compared by driving. Day in day out there are reported deaths as a result of road accidents while any airplane happening is big news as it is rare.  It is this preference for air transportation that continues to make Birmingham Airport a force to reckon with both in the region and internationally.


This huge demand for air transportation does benefit the neighboring community a lot in terms of accessible roads, big businesses moving closer to the airports while others see an upsurge in property rates. However it may also have a downside of plummeting property rates due to the noise from the airplane landing or taking off as well as huge traffic.


There is no denying the fact that Birmingham Airport is important to the transportation system in the United Kingdom but it is also essential to examine the impact it has on the available resources. Most of the airports are built way off the commercial centers and away from residential places. The reason for this is security and adequate land. Birmingham Airport is not an exception to this. An assessment of the impact of the Birmingham Airport cannot fail to point out the way that transport has become congested around the airport. Regardless of the time of the day but mostly especially peak season when most people take flights, the area around Birmingham Airport is a beehive of activities as people and vehicles snake to and from the terminals. Passengers are many and hence it is expected that there will be a strain in the provision of the crucial services to the public. Parking spaces are quite prisedand you will be amased to find people fighting over parking spaces. It can take more than one hour to get parking spaces and the close you get to the Birmingham Airport the more expensive parking spots become. It is hence crucial for the planners to take the necessary actions to ensure these essential services and facilities are expanded to cater for the rise in the demand for air transportation.

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