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Agiline CRM’s Marketing Automation

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Marketing is a major stake holder in any company’s success, in these days of incredible business competition. Hence the marketing efforts need to get more and more smart and innovative, with increasing competition. Apart from the innovativeness, managing and tracking marketing campaigns and ensuring their effectiveness is equally a big challenge for the marketing departments. The Marketing Automation software modules and tools come as a great help to achieve the anticipated marketing outcome.

Marketing automation is the use of specially designed software to automate the repetitive tasks involved in Marketing. This software not only facilitates businesses to automate important marketing processes but also provides several smart tools that can gear up and accelerate the marketing efforts. The Marketing Automation can also help businesses to accomplish variety of tasks like defining, scheduling, and tracking campaign goals, as well as designing and implementing the marketing campaigns.

In the world of marketing, apart from tracking the results of advertisements, direct mail and telemarketing, the organizations must also focus on building lasting and profitable customer relationships, through the execution of effective and timely marketing campaigns, over both traditional and electronic channels.

Marketing Automation Solution

Agiline CRM’s Marketing Automation solution has been developed after a deep R&D into the domain. This solution is flawlessly designed to plan multi-channel marketing campaigns and execute them with perfection. The module facilitates for assigning tasks and responsibilities according to revenue projections, campaign periods, targeted audiences and channels. Through this solution, one can also identify potential deployment issues and can re-allocate resources. Utilize contact grouping to optimize segmentation strategies, by mining comprehensive customer data.

Some other key features of Agiline CRM’s Marketing Automation solution include:

• Facility to create targeted e-mail and fax campaigns for automated execution and follow-up.

• Use of integrated data mining to find the optimal approach for targeting prospects, so that the customers receive the right offers at the right time.

• The eLeads module, which helps one to capture leads from their web site and then automatically distribute them across sales teams or channel partners for follow-up.

• Permission-based campaigns, which ensure that the privacy of customers is always maintained, including those who have requested not to receive certain materials.

• Facilitation to target the most receptive customers, which makes use of the marketing dollars more efficiently, reducing costs.

Tracking of Responses & ROI

The ROI analysis campaign helps one realize significant value and gain lasting competitive advantage. Agiline CRM’s marketing analytics provides a means to easily track the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, by comparing potential and actual responses and sales. Identifying the most profitable campaigns, one can invest marketing dollars more effectively. The advanced analytics help to gain inquisitive insight. By matching one’s most profitable customers and products with the most effective campaign channels, one can dramatically increase the Return On Investment.


AgilineCRM is completely into CRM Solutions. The company specializes in every dimension of CRM and offers varied CRM solutions to meet the different requirements of different enterprises. AgilineCRM has taken on the tradition of CRM solutions from Surado CRM, which has been one of the most popular CRM products. AgilineCRM is the new face of Surado CRM and offers CRM products, solutions and support. Marketing Automation module is a specialized module in Agiline CRM package which offers innovative solution to automate the marketing operations. To find out more about AgilineCRM, visit:

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