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Increased Availability of Parking in Cardiff

by mikerowland

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If you live in Cardiff, you might have noticed that there is a growing problem of parking space. More and more people are opting to own cars probably due to frustrations with the public transportation. While there are tens of problems that come with increased vehicles on the road including environmental problem, the problem of Parking in Cardiff is just coming up and the authorities are working round the clock in search of a solution. Undeniably, this is a problem that needs all the stakeholders to address it and probably come up with an amicable solution acceptable to all.


One of the solutions to the problem of Parking in Cardiff is to urge people to be leaving their vehicle at home. There is no doubt that this problem is fuelled by the increasing vehicles in the street. Some of the motorists just feel the need to drive while they could have better been served by the public transportation.  For instance, those that work in areas close to the bus dropping point should be encouraged to use buses instead of driving. Only those that live far off the main road should drive.  The problem of Parking in Cardiff is also being fuelled by the increased buying of personal cars. As a society grows, most of the people associate good cars with social economic status and there is always the pressure to buy prestigious vehicles to portray a sense of economic wellbeing.  It is this that has led to increase in the number of vehicles on the road straining the availability of Parking in Cardiff.


The authority is also to blame when it comes to the problem of Parking in Cardiff. Due to certain oversight or ignorance, there are no adequate spaces for parking meaning that people have to scramble for the few that are there. Planners have not come up with concrete plans to meet the rising number of vehicles and instead they are encouraging private enterprises to come in.  There are problems that come in where individuals and companies get involved in the provision of Parking in Cardiff.  The cost of parking definitely goes up beyond the acceptable rates. For most of these companies, there is huge interest to make super high profits citing the drive of the market forces. Although there is a need for private enterprises to provide Parking in Cardiff, this is a situation better solved by the government.


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