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Reduce IT costs with Managed Cloud Hosting Servers

by Earthlink1

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Sending and Receiving emails is vital for every organization. The concept of email hosting services for security, productivity and cost savings is grabbing the attention of managers worldwide. Hosted exchange is one such solution that ensures your business email is protected against all odds. Powerful tools used include installing anti-spam and anti-virus software. Hosted exchange is a reliable, consistent has an easy-to-use panel.

Next, let us understand the meaning and benefits of a dedicated server. Dedicated server hosts refer to leasing an entire server just for your company. Being in total control it increases flexibility, security and performance of operations. The cost and maintenance of a dedicated server is similar to a traditional in-house server. A hosted is exchange is perfect and supports OS installations, patches, reboots, and other ongoing IT hardware and software.

A dedicated server takes off or reduces the burden of the IT team working for your company. A certified team of engineers or experts will manage all hardware, OS and IT infrastructure. This way, you can go ahead and concentrate on your core business. One major benefit is that, the dependency on the web host reduces reducing delays and expenses. Now you can easily install, customize and scale any customer applications in a private, secure and dedicated server environment.

Expert engineers with years of experience will help you with Network Support, Power Support, Hardware Support, Server Reboot and Backup Management. A network server engineer handles the existing network as a technical support. However, a good backup system is integral in case of robberies, fires, floods or in case of other natural disasters.

A disaster recovery system is a robust, reliable tool that allows you to manage and ensures recoverability of your IT infrastructure. Information and data are critical assets for a firm, protecting them with a backup management system is your safest bet. This is a cost-effective solution that will keep you in control of backup policies and procedures online.

SAN disk environment backup system provides instant online access and recovery of data. This is a better alternative to traditional tape storage backup and allows you to implement the best practices. Cloud backup plans vary according to your business requirement. Standard plans vary from 50 GB to 2 TB.

Hosted exchange and managed services are IT solutions or the infrastructure needed to secure company related data. Managed services reduces IT costs and complexity while increasing the pace of operations.

EarthLink Cloud provides hosting services to improve efficiency and performance of IT resources and applications. With Dedicated server hosts, install and modify applications in a private, secure environment.

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