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Assault: The Ambiguous Criminal Offense

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There are some criminal offenses that are, for the most part, rather straightforward. For example, if you are charged with theft in Chicago, the question is whether or not you actually took the items or money in question. Similarly, if you are charged with the unlawful carrying of a weapon, you either were carrying a weapon unlawfully or you were not. However, in the case of an assault charge, there is an awful lot of room for ambiguity and confusion. Most of that ambiguity comes from the notion that the victim has to have had a “reasonable” fear that you meant to cause harm. The term “reasonable” is a slippery slope that can be hard to define and hard to pin down. If you are facing such a charge, your lawyer will want to thoroughly investigate your case to determine the extent to which, if any, there was a reasonable threat.  

Perpetrators of alleged assault are often shocked that they are facing charges at all. It is easy to understand how, if you have physically accosted another person, you could be open to charges of battery. But in an assault charge, no physical contact has ever been made. Often, it can be the case that the alleged victim claims that they felt threatened while the accused contends that such a threat was never made. This is why it is absolutely essential to have an experienced Chicago assault lawyer on your side if you have been charged with assault. Your defense lawyer has the legal expertise to deconstruct the “reasonable threat” terminology and to show why, even if the alleged victim claims to have felt threatened, such a fear was not reasonable given your words or actions.  

Depending upon the circumstances surrounding the allegations against you, your assault lawyer may also be able to prove that the heightened emotions of the entire situation and the people involved actually led to the fear the alleged victim experienced rather than anything that you yourself said or did. However, regardless of the intricacies and nuances that surround the events that led to the assault charge against you, you can rest assured that your Chicago assault lawyer has the legal acumen and resources to obtain the best possible outcome for you.  

If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of facing Chicago assault charges, rely on the help of an experienced lawyer who has a track record of success in handling cases such as yours. Your assault lawyer will work to uphold your rights and will try to make sure that you get whatever justice you may be due. Contact a Chicago assault lawyer today.  

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